Monday, 2 May 2011

41 Reasons in this 41st Election to vote ABC

My last political post before the election cutoff.  Here's the sum up the current government's ethics (or lack of them).  Basically, reasons not to vote for Harper.  Thanks to all who checked out this resource and shared it with others - there were over 40,000 views and a ton of tweets on this site in just a few weeks. The most popular post was the one listing the candidates skipping debates - I guess people were checking up on candidates in their own riding.  Here's hoping for the best - for us all. (in no particular order):

No. 41: Harper campaigns in support of asbestos exports
No. 40: Harper's former speech writer declares youth bad for vote
No. 39: 57 Conservative Candidates Currently Skipping Debates
No. 38: Harper cuts aid to needy African nations
No. 37: Harper lies about lobbyist reform
No. 36: Harper undoes agreement to improve lives of First Nations
No. 35: Harper doesn't read what he signs
No. 34: Harper's subsidies to tar sands companies
No. 33: Unelected Conservative senators kill climate bill
No. 32: Harper signs up for jets that don't come with engines
No. 31: Harper claims Canada has no history of colonialism
No. 30: Conservatives try to steal the election - literally
No. 29: Harper to create government-run media centre
No. 28: Tories mislead gov't on millions spent on G8
No. 27: Conservative admits Tory ridings favoured with cash
No. 26: Conservatives spending billions on jails as crime drops
No. 25: Economic action plan signs made in U.S.
No. 24: Conservative party redistributes tax payer money with prop cheques
No. 23: Harper buys short range planes built for long range country
No. 22: Canada loses seat on security council due to lacklustre record
No. 21: Harper cuts almost all funding for women's groups
No. 20: Harper admits Conservative party attempted to bribe dying MP
No. 19: Harper limits amount of total questions from reporters
No. 18: Harper tries to control which reporters ask questions
No. 17: Harper falsely claimed on FOX News that Canadians support Iraq war
No. 16: Harper claims Saddam has WMDs and writes US papers to complain
No. 15: Conservative party ejects students for facebook photos
No. 14: Harper condemns coalition, ignoring fact he asked for one too
No. 13: Harper's last minute decision to host G20 in Toronto           
No. 12: Harper recites exact speech given by Australian Prime Minister
No. 11: Government hires unlicensed Utah company for security
No. 10: Despite $930 Million in security, cops told to stay away
No. 9: "Conservative" Harper wastes over $1 Billion on G20 summit
No. 8: Government lies about complaints in order to hide evidence
No. 7: Despite stats showing otherwise, government wants more jails
No. 6: Tory handbook on obstructing and manipulation
No. 5: Conservatives charged with breaking election rules
No. 4: Government withholds incriminating evidence
No. 3: Public Integrity Commissioner fails to do job
No. 2: Government found in contempt
No. 1: Conservative Minister lies to parliament