Tuesday, 5 April 2011

No. 22: Canada loses seat on security council due to lacklustre record, Harper blames Ignatieff

Despite pouring money and countless hours into the election effort, Canada failed to win a seat at the security council for the first time in history.  Afterward, the Harper government placed the blame for the loss in a seemingly strange place: on Michael Ignatieff.

The suggestion was bizarre.  Several ambassadors who emerged from the vote made no mention of Ignatieff's remarks; one had never even heard of him.  Instead, the loss was perhaps due to Canada's recent move to freeze all aid to Africa.  Or maybe, it was because Canada has reduced its UN peacekeepers to a historic low to pour resources into Afghanistan. Or it could have been due to Canada's lacklustre performance at December's climate conference in Copenhagen, and its failure to meet its Kyoto protocal obligations.